Well, I am trying to get back on the horse again.  I have gotten behind with my writing over the course of the last 30 days.  I could make lots of excuses about lots of things that got in the way of the writing but the bottom-line would be I just haven’t gotten it done.  So that is what this writing is all about, getting in the way of yourself. 

The origin of the word is from the late 16th century.  The building blocks of the word are a combination of “deferring until tomorrow” or “waiting until tomorrow”.  Unfortunately, when we procrastinate, we usually don’t get back on the job with whatever  the task, job, goal or whatever it is until something happens to create pressure directed at the “deferred action”.  I have talked some about procrastination before, even recently and I think it is a big problem for all of us.  The goal here should be, “choose not to defer”. 

Really, when things get put off, we can’t really look any further than ourselves.  We many times (almost always) want to blame someone, something or circumstances for our, “delay of action” but the reality is look in the mirror.  The hard truth is admitting you have let something slide or have abandoned a responsibility ALWAYS falls squarely on your own shoulders. 

We have all heard it be said that our minds are like a computer.  I guess I have never thought about how that thought and getting past procrastination could work together but I think it makes sense.  When you reboot a computer by pushing the reset button, it might be because the computer has, “froze up”.  The same can sometimes be said for my, “smart phone”.  Sometimes it “locks up” and requires a reboot to get back to functioning the way it was designed to function.  I’m thinking that our minds and heart are the same say.  Maybe sometimes we need a, “soft reset or reboot” to get back to how we were designed to function.  Pushing reset, I think is a bit of a process but it should not hurt too bad.  Here is how to make it happen. 

So, getting past procrastination means getting past yourself.  How do you fix the problem?

1.  Problem me.  Admit that you have a problem and the problem is you.
2.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Admit that it is about procrastination instead of not having time, you just have not made time and have let other things get in the way of the task or goal.
3.  Focus.  There are lots of distractions in life and nothing is more important than having direction in your life to make you feel fulfilled.
4.  Suck it up.  Make the effort, give something the energy it deserves for the outcome you desire to achieve.  Don’t let ANYTHING get in the way of what is right for you, your family and for me most importantly my service to God. 

It is very easy to get off track.  That is what has happen with me over the course of the last month but I am getting back on the saddle.  I have refocused on my writing and will be making up for lost ground over the course of the next week so be patient with me as I am being patient with myself.  But, not so patient that I fall into the trap of procrastination!


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