Remember the old saying, "you are what you eat?"  Well, to a great extent that seems to be true.  The food that you put in your mouth seems to certainly have impact on how your body uses it as either "fuel" or "a spare tire....or two".  Fuel for the body can help make us stronger and more vibrant or it can slow us down or even "put us in the shop" for repairs or sometimes a complete overhaul.  Really, if you give this much thought and consideration, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot of truth to this thought.  And while food does not completely control what happens with our bodies, it certainly does have "weight" in the matter of good physical health.

More or MOST important to who we are is what we think over what we eat.  Why?  Well, because ultimately what we think can impact what we eat.  And what we think can impact so many other things in our lives too.  What we THINK is at the very core of who and what we are as individuals.  The problem today is too many people let OTHER PEOPLE (or the news or society or whatever is popular at the time) THINK FOR THEM and that is why we are in the "shape" we are in today.  When is the last time you every really spent any time in contemplation, thought, meditation, whatever you want to call it.  I am talking about time when you did not have on the TV, radio, your iPod, something (electronic) or someone (people, noise) blaring in your ears or eyes.  Peaceful quiet, time for the mind to unwind and consider all things.  The problem is people do not want to consider all things, because they usually do not want to consider the realities of their lives.  So, challenge yourself to the following.

There was a book many years ago by Norman Vincent Peale called, "Think and Grow Rich".  This was a very popular book and it sold well over a million copies.  It was intended to be a "self-help" book also included many biblical thoughts.  One of the most powerful thoughts in the book is very simple and can also be very empowering for us today.  The thought comes from the Bible and it is the scripture Philippians 4:13.  It says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,".  Recently, in one of my times of thought, I came to this conclusion about who I am and what God has done in my life.  In probably the last year, God has touched my life in some very powerful ways.  At times, I was open to, "being touched" by Him.  At other times, He used a 2X4.  In the end, I relearned what I already knew:

-God is in control, not me.
-When I start thinking that I have the answers, I really do not.

Proverbs 3:5-8 (really the whole chapter) makes it pretty clear.  Trust in the Lord and He will help make life make sense.  Give careful time and contemplation to strengthening your relationship with Him and what "you are" will be what HE wants you to be.  And if I am what God wants me to be in the skin He has made that is ME, then how could my life be any better?  Be yourself, but let the "yourself" be guided by our creator that has had every thought we could ever imagine and He alone has the wisdom to guide us in the way we should go.

Make a commitment today to yourself, your family, your friends and most importantly to God that you will spend time thinking about what matters in life and how you get there in yours.  Be committed to THINK about what matters and then do something about it!


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