When I was a kid, I use to have the reoccurring dream about flying (no plane or wings needed) and I would fly to this tree with all of the hats "hung" in the tree.  I would gently float up under one of the hats and try it on.  There were all types of hats from firemen, to policemen, to chefs hats and the list goes on.  I guess subconsciously, I was "trying on" who I might be.  Well, I never became any of the things that were "hats in the tree" but I certainly have at this point had a very diverse and enjoyable business career.

The part about flying in dreams is something I have enjoyed into my adulthood.  As an adult, I don't fly to the tree with "hung hats" but I do still fly.  The context of the flying has changed and I cannot say I have "taken flight" in my dreams recently.  I think it is about time to spread my wings again.  I think we all need to dream in our sleep, but we all need to dream while we are awake.

Too many times we let the low expectations of others get in the way of the dreams we have for ourselves.  When you dream a dream while you are awake, you have to figure out the action necessary to make the dream become reality.  If dreams have actions associated with them, then these dreams can become realized  and you might also consider them as goals.  But, in reality I think it is better to think of them as dreams because people sometimes do not want to be accountable to goals.  That is another problem with people that do not want to have any dreams.  Without dreams of things we want to see, feel or experience, life can become pretty dull and boring.  You know someone or people who only live to work and work to live.  They have no hobbies or no passion.  They have no relationship with God.  Maybe that someone of some parts of that someone is you.

Take charge of your life.  Take charge of your dreams.  Know what you want and set a course toward making those things happen.  I believe all of this and have tried to apply those principles to my life.  But, also realize that if you set course for a destination and you have an ill-founded map, you may encounter problems before the ship ever leaves the harbor.  Or you might find that after you get out to sea, your compass has gone haywire.  I have been reminded of all of this in recent months.  So, here is what I have recently been reminded of and I hope it will benefit you.

1.  When your map is being made, let God be the author.
2.  Let your compass be His word, the Bible.
3.  When God talks, listen.
4.  Put Him first and your dreams will be what they should be.

Do not let materialism or anything of this world be the most important parts of who you are or what you dream to experience or have.  Dream of things that give your life happiness and pleasure but also dream (have goals) of being the person God would have you to be in everything you think, do and say.  If you and I make those dreams or goals, we will certainly take flight and have the chance to enjoy everything this world has to offer and be prepared for the next life too.


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