Most people would probably say they have a pretty good handle on their character traits.  Take just a minute and make a list of what you think reflects your character.  Now, talk with someone that you respect and consider them to be a good friend.  Ask them to make a list of what they think reflects your character.  Now compare the two list.  Do you see any surprises on the list you made about yourself?  How about the list your friend made of you?  Now compare the two list.

Here is one character trait we might find missing from our list, humility.  If you look up the definition of the word humility is says, "a modest or low view of one's own importance, humbleness."  Today, really the world that we live in thinks humility is the LAST THING we should have as part of our character.  Too many times today, people are so busy pushing the self-everything buttons that we fail to stop and recognize that humility is the very basic foundation of being a solid human-being!  If you think about what you see in the world and what the world characterizes as "cool, with it, rock-start status", humility dares not rear its head.  Let's take a little closer look at the definition, break it down and then figure out how to proceed.

How strong is modesty in the world that we live in today?  Do we dress, talk, act, or think modestly?  The world that we live in certainly is not usually modest about any of those things.  Modesty in and of itself does not "fit" very well with the society that we live in.  The society we live in is ALL OUT, let me show you I am here, LOOK AT ME!  In order for our lives to be a reflection of humility we must take on the character of modesty in everything we think, say and do.  Modestly should be reflected in our dress, how we treat others and how we even THINK about ourselves.  The road to modesty is not paved with telling people how great you are.

Again, we have to be very careful when it comes to how important we think we are in the scheme of things.  The reality is, as important as we think we are, how long would we be missed if we were really gone?  We will all die one day for sure but what have we done while we were here?  There are certainly important people and we might be "important people" to some other people too, but we should NEVER think of ourselves in that way.  We should adapt the attitude of, "service to others" and with this will come modesty and humility.  Jesus Christ was the greatest example of humility in his life of service to others from leaving the right hand of God to come to this earth and then finally to die on the cross for our salvation.

If I am honest with myself, I cannot say that I have always been as humble as I should have been.  I am working on this and I hope you will too.  I want to live, act, talk and reflect humility in my life to please God and do the best for Him every day of my life.  I want to have positive impact in this life so I will be ready for the life to come.  Take the test.  See what you say about yourself and then see what others say about you.  Listen, apply, repeat.


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