The two kinda sound alike, huh.  Giving up or giving in.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Let me further explain.  The idea came from a sermon our preacher, Shawn Bain preached a few weeks ago.  He said these specific words.  When I asked him to further explain, here was the context that he described.  The idea is that we either give up to God OR we give in to the world.  This really follows along with many of the things I have already talked about in this blog.  In life, we make lots of choices.  We either make informed choices OR we make choices "on the fly" with very little knowledge.  When Shawn was talking about this concept, he also referred to one of my favorite passages in the entire Bible, Romans 12:1-2.

This whole concept goes along well with what I wrote about earlier in this blog.  I said, "the only way to get control is to give it away".  Giving up to God is the same concept.  In order for us to make our lives what God wants them to be, we have to surrender our lives to God in the way we live, think and act every day of our lives.  People of the world might think that "giving up" is a sign of weakness.  Men in particular might think giving up is weakness.  The reality is that giving up to God will provide a strength for us that is not attainable any other way in our lives.  If we are willing to give up to God, then truly we are surrendering our spirit, our drive our motivation and who we are everyday of our lives.  These changes and actions in our lives truly reflect what Romans 12:1-2 are all about.  So giving up to God is about making our lives what HE wants them to be, not focused on self or job or any other things that are of this world.

This is happening SO MUCH that we don't even recognize it for what it is.  Really, sin has become so "homogenized" that for the most part today people don't even recognize it for what it is.  Now I am not just talking about people of the world, I am taking about Christians too!  When sin becomes as common place as it is today, all dressed up and acceptable to so many people the tolerance for it becomes very easy.  If I am going to be the person that God expects me to be, I must diligently work at separating myself from sin and from the world instead of giving in to the world.  God expects me to take a stand for the truth and for His word in my life every day.  I must decide every day what the reality is of how I will live my life for Him and not give in to the world.

Ultimately, every day we have to decide.  Will we give in to the world OR will we give up to God?  What matters more, things of this world or things of God?  Physical life is short and eternal life is, well, eternal so which is more important?  Do you choose things of this world or do you choose things of God?  Our actions reveal the choices we have made in our lives while on earth and will determine our eternal destination.  Give up or Give in.  For once, I am for giving in.


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