I don’t know about you but it sure is easy to put stuff off.  Big stuff.  Little stuff.  Hum, it really does not seem to matter sometimes if it is big or little but sometimes things just get put off.  Why is that?  Let’s explore.

We always think that stuff can wait until tomorrow.  Can it?  Should it?  The official definition for, “putting off today what can wait until tomorrow” is pro-cras-ti-nation.  I have always been told you can break a word down and find its true meaning so let’s do that with procrastination:

Pro- that means you are really good at putting stuff off, not a novice.  Even if something is really important, you find ways for things to get in the way of something that needs to be done.

Cras- that means that you put stuff off with attitude, and not good attitude, attitude that makes you believe what you are telling yourself.

Ti- lost in translation.

Nation- this means your efforts to avoid can be seen by all in epic proportion on the national scene but you can’t really see it yourself.  You are committed to making sure you don’t do what you know needs to be done for whatever reason.

Get rid of procrastination and replace it with PROduction.  Get committed to doing what needs to be done today because it is important to you and to others.  Get committed to doing the very best you can at whatever it is you do.  Give your energy, your time, your heart and your mind to the things that can make your actions and your attitude a reflection of what you want to accomplish and who you are.  Know there will be stumbling blocks and barriers in life, but that they can be overcome.  Be committed to being a PROductive person, committed to burying procrastination and working toward what you know needs to be done today.  For today should always be the best day of our lives.  


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