It never fails to amaze me how much I continue to learn about perspective. What is perspective? Well, I think perspective is how you see things. The second part of that thought is how do you see things? Well, for me, I almost have to experience some things first-hand. Until in recent years when I had to start dealing with some surgeries and other aches and pains, I had no idea what other people were going through in the aging process. Today, after shoulder surgery a few years ago and several other procedures that require your personal space being violated, I understand a little more than I use to be able understand. Have you ever had a hip replaced? How about a knee? Ever had heart surgery? I'm a big no on those three thankfully. But you know what I am trying to do? Be more sensitive to folks that are going through those situations in life. And, ultimately, I think that type of position in life is what helps us to have a better perspective. I think trying to be aware of other people and their situations in life will help us show more compassion toward other people. I think it will also better prepare us if we ever get in the same situation.

I don't think I have always been as compassionate as I should be. I am trying to do better. As a Christian, I am suppose to be more Christ-like and has there ever been anyone more compassionate than Christ? Think of His example throughout the Bible. He WAS compassion and love and understanding. I need to try and be the same way. I know sometimes I really have to watch myself to make sure what I reflect us Christ. That is not always easy to do but all things are possible through Christ (Phil. 4:13).

Everyone I encounter, I need to respect who they are and what they do. I need to try and see the situation I am in from their perspective. I need to show them who I am (a transformed human Romans 12:1-2) and what is important to me. They need to SEE Christ in my life, how I live, what I say and how I treat them. If we could all start treating each other this way, life on earth would be a lot better for everyone and we would all be better prepared for what's next!


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