I cannot help but make an observation on the landscape of our country today.  I need and I think we as a people today need God more than ever before.  We live in a country and a world that has seemed to have lost regard for morality.  Our society has become so preoccupied with personal interest and total lack of regard for morality that we are losing who we are.  What can be done to make things better?  To make the world more of what it should be?  Start with yourself.

First, individually we have to make sure that our attitudes are what they should be.  We have to make sure that our attitudes are grounded in the moral character that is taught in God's word.  We have to live our lives everyday like we know who we are and be what God would have us to be.  We need to be morally strong people willing to stand up for the truth and reveal what is not.  If you are a Christian, you need to be wearing the armor of God, spoken of in Ephesians 6:10-17.  This scripture tells us that as Christians, we stand for the truth and that our life reflects defense of what is right, what is good, what is expected of those who love God.  I love God and I want to do His will.  If you love God, make sure your attitude is what it needs to be to please Him.

When my attitude is right about my responsibilities to God and how I should represent Him, then my morality will be right too.  To live a moral life, we must be moral people, dedicated to letting God's word direct our lives.  It is not enough to just be, "good people" it must be a life directed by the moral code as outlined by God in His word.  I could start right here and quote scriptures all day long but one of my favorites has always been 2 Peter 2:1-11.  In this scripture, Peter talks about the type of character those who follow God should have in their lives.  Character deeply seeded within our lives defines morals.  Parents, if you don't have any morals, what are the chances your children will have any morals.  And, apart from immediate family, who knows how much you might influence someone else in their individual lives?

For me and for you, everyday of our lives we must work at defining our moral character.  We must go into this world that we live in and have the attitude that is needed to please God.  We must look at all people we encounter and see the souls of men and women and work to be God's people.  I hope as this new year begins that you will, as I have, resolve to arm yourself with the truth, stand for it and be the person God wants us to be.  The world will be a better place for the truth that we stand for, but we must believe it will and then act on it.


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