Back a few years ago, I noticed that things which were closer to my face were harder for me to see.  Hmm, why might that be?  All of a sudden, my arms just did not seem long enough.  The farther I could hold something away from my face, the easier it was to bring it into focus.  Then, I figured it out, I needed something to help bring the world into focus between the length of my arm and a reasonable distance from my face!  It was a reality that lots of folks face at different points in time in their life, I needed some of those cheap reading glasses.  Now, I didn't need much, really the weakest ones you can buy and that is what I am still using today, but I still need them and I need them absolutely every day to see things clearly at that distance from my face.  But then, there are the things that are in the same range of distance from my face that I don't see, like last night.  We went to some friends house and I was driving my wife's car.  We parked  the car, got out and I proceeded to jam my forehead against the edge of the top of the door.  As you might imagine, severe pain, a breech of my skin and liquid red stuff followed.  This was then all followed by ice, swelling and getting to explain to others at the get together my injury.  So why didn't I see the edge of the car door?  I wasn't paying attention and accurately navigating my environment.

Really, that is what this blog is all about.  Vision and direction.  And, really I am not talking about the vision where you see the PHYSICAL, I am talking about the vision that provides direction in life unrelated to what we do or don't see in our lives.  So, to keep the physical vision of life and the "life direction vision" separate, let's call the "life direction vision" X-RAY VISION.  Just like with super heros, X-RAY VISION allows you to see things the way they really are right down to the bone.  X-RAY VISION gives you insight and a reality check because you can see all levels of something instead of just what is on the surface.  X-RAY VISION gives you clarity, purpose and helps set the stage for getting through whatever it is you need to deal with because you can see if for what it is, (person, people or situation) not just what you see with your eyes.  I don't know about you but sometimes I forget to turn on my X-RAY VISION.  It is always there, but sometimes I just forget.  Your X-RAY VISION comes with years of experience and unlike your normal vision, it can and should get better as you get older instead of worse.  It is one of the most important super powers anyone can have in life, but each of us as individuals has to develop this special skill.  When I get discouraged in my life, if I check, I will find I forgot about my X-RAY VISION.  And usually, if I am discouraged, I have let the things I CAN SEE get in the way of seeing what is not there that I need to see to stay on track in my daily life.

Along with X-RAY VISION, we need to better develop our INTERNAL GPS to stay on track.  Have you ever noticed how much we have come to rely on the GPS's in our cars or on our phones?  It seems like we can barely go a few miles from home and not need to use the GPS.  TV comedy shows even show people driving into lakes (probably not far from the truth!) following GPS systems in their vehicles because the GPS cannot be wrong!  I think sometimes this dependency on something or someone else telling us where to go has also made it more difficult for us to find our way in life.  The INTERNAL GPS works with our XRAY VISION.  Really, our XRAY VISION and INTERNAL GPS should work together to find our way.  And, I don't know about you but even when I use my INTERNAL GPS it needs to be programmed by God and not by me.  He is a lot better at mapping than I am.  

Seeing things the way they really are and knowing where we are going are both essential to living a fulfilled life.  We have to use our personal experiences to see the reality of life and learn from those experiences.  And, if we have a clear vision of where we want to go and what it takes to get there, our life experience will be a lot more enjoyable.  This is not to say that from time to time we will not have the clarity of vision we need.  And that is not to say that from time to time we might take a wrong turn.  But, the good news is our vision will clear and we will get back on the right road to our destination.  And when you think the bumps in the road or the wrong turns or the foggy vision have overpowered your ability to function, just turn on the X-RAY VISION and your INTERNAL GPS.  Control what you can and it makes it easier to deal with the things that you can't.


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