I have the good fortune of not having to take any prescribed medications and that is pretty good for a guy just past the half-century mark.  But, I have a 92 year old aunt who at this point could own a pharmacy with all of the medications she has purchased and had to take.  But, for all the drugs she has to take, she must have a prescription from a doctor to get them and take them.

There are also lots of over the counter medications that you can buy and self-medicate with based on your symptoms too.  But what I want you to consider for your mental and medical well-being is, "the drug you cannot buy".  

The drug you cannot buy (tdycb) can be one of the most powerful medications known to mankind today.  Tdycb can heal people from despair, tragedy and almost every human emotion you can imagine.  The drug you cannot buy is not grown in the tropical rain forest or in a remote undiscovered village in South Africa.  So what is the drug you cannot buy and where can you get it?  

It's passing along the encouragement we get from others.  It comes from the hearts and minds of men and women who have been given the words to say by our creator.  Tdycb did not cost you anything so give it away.  And, hope that the encouragement you received and in turn gave, will be as much a blessing to you in giving it, as it is to the one who receives it.  

Over the years, I have had the good fortune of getting the drug you cannot buy from many people.  I am not sure that I have always given it away as much as I have received it.  So, I am resolved to do a better job of distributing the drug you cannot buy to people every day of my life.  I would encourage you to do the same and together we can all know the pleasure of doing what we can to help our fellow man.  


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