A Moment Of Clarity

CLARITY.  There have been times in my life that I thought it had happen but never with the clarity which I experienced this past weekend on the first day of starting this blog.  I personally and very profoundly experienced, "a moment of clarity".  I mean this was not one of those, "tap you on the shoulder" moments in life, this was one of those, "hit you in the head with a baseball bat" moments in life.  A true and meaningful, inner me experience that was the result of many things which had happen in recent days, weeks, months and even my lifetime.

From my experience, the moment of clarity doesn't just happen by accident, it happens because you, "are ready for it to happen".  Now exactly what do I mean by that?  Let me take a shot at explaining my perspective on this thought.

THE HEAR AND THE NOW.  The first thing that I realized was for you to experience that moment of clarity, you had to be open to the thought of clarity which you collectively did not have before.  What does that mean?  Live in the moment, but in living in that moment, bring together all of the other moments that you have experienced in the recent and distant past as they are appropriate.  The hear and the now is a great place to be, but you must also think about the experiences you have had in the past.  The good experiences and the not as desirable experiences.  You have to think about the current experiences you are having in life and how those experiences are having impact on your life.  And, you have to be able to "step away" from those hear and now experiences to be able to gain a "objective perspective" to enjoy clarity.

THE HEAD GAME.  Clarity is all between the ears.  Like, when I wrote this my mind was racing, a million thoughts going through my head.  I could barely sleep any the previous night.  Was it because of worry, or doubt or anything negative at all that I had trouble slumbering the night away and sleeping late on Saturday morning?  NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!  It was because my mind was actively engaged in LIVING and BEING ALIVE.  And, that was because of all the things that collectively came together at this point in time for me.  All of this together represents my perspective in life at this moment in time.  That is another topic and something which we will talk more about in the weeks to come, perspective.  A really cool thing about yourself (or myself anyway) is if you can really drill down into what you have experienced and how it makes you feel, there are lots of rich resources there to take you to where you want to be if that is different than your current reality.

LIVING AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL.  When I say, living at a different level, do I mean the kind of car you drive or how big your house is?  No, living at a different level is not necessarily your vehicle or house, but it might be.  The car or the house though can definetly be results of living at a different level but I am talking about mental awareness, not the physical trinkets and toys (let's call them t&t's) of life.  And, believe me, the more "life experiences" you have, the less the t&t's mean to you in life and the more experiences and perspective direct, empower and change your future.

So, can that moment of clarity happen for you?  Absolutely.  No doubt about it, without question you too can experience your own very personal moment of clarity.  When in the past I have provided corporate training seminars I always felt as though my job was to give people the tools they needed to help them find their own way on any given topic or skill building set.  The personal moment of clarity any of us can experience in directly related to our DESIRE to experience clarity in our lives and how we live.  So, examine your past, think about where you want to go, where you are right now and then set your sights on making everyday, every moment the way you want it to be as much as it is within your control.  There is no end to the journey of clarity and I believe the, "moment of clarity" can now become on-going "moments" of clarity for the rest of your life.

ASSIGNMENT.  In talking to a friend, earlier today I decided that I need to create a weekly challenge for everyone as it relates to the blog so here is the challenge.  I challenge you to challenge yourself to "experience clarity" based on what is happening in your life right now.  Don't get stuck in the past or present, but use those as tools to help pave the way for the future.  The future is going to happen for sure, just make sure you approach it with clarity of purpose for your life and how you want to live it.  Writing things down helps to more clearly outline this information or talking about it with someone who is a close trusted friend.  Maybe it won't be perfect clarity at first, maybe there will be a fog, but when I hit fog and I am driving, I just keep driving.  Don't let the fog get in the way because if you keep driving, it is always beautiful just a little further down the road!  Make some notes about where you want to go and the next blog will give you more resources to help you more clearly define the next steps.  Think, I promise it won't hurt!


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