Live In Control

What a challenge, right?  Yeah, living in control in a world that is out of control doesn't always seem easy. We all experience our ups and downs and figuring out how to find, "the middle" is the challenge in life.  So, what is living in control really all about?  It is about NOT settling for "the middle" but figuring out a way, on your own terms, to live and experience life at a higher place than everyone else things you should or maybe can. Living in control is about discovering what makes you content with life, but keeps you challenged. Living in control is about making the experience of life everything you want and NEED for it to be so you can be complete as YOU!  

This blog will provide you with self-educational tools to help you take the necessary steps to reach your full potential.  And, if you don't think you really have any potential, then we will give you ideas how you might find what makes you the most complete you, YOU can be.  Nobody is perfect, especially not me.  I have made a few mistakes, how about you?  I have done better at times in my life with the "live in control" approach to life and I have done worse too.  Nobody has all of the answers.  But, one thing is for sure, if we all work to share in the life experience that we all have with one another, then we are sure to benefit from those relationships.  Not only in what we give to others, but also in what we get from digging into the experience.  Some people might call this nothing but a lot of motivational dribble but that might reveal a weakness within themselves to seek and find what makes them challenge themselves to make THEIR LIVES what they want it to be.  


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