The 4D's

In last weeks blog I discussed the importance of DESIRING to experience clarity in our lives.  It reminded me of a poem I wrote several years ago after my father shared his idea about the 4D's with me.  I won't go into the poem, but here are the 4D's and I think they will help you with the clarity issue we discussed last week.  I am revisiting this thought myself right now.  The 4D's are:  Determination, Desire, Dedication, Discipline.

I like the 4D's because I think they can really help get focused and find the clarity needed to get our lives going in the right direction.  Ultimately, as I revisit the poem, I found that I probably added another "D" to the 4D's and did not even realize it.  Before you do anything else about achieving clarity and implementing the 4D's, you have to make a decision that something is important and needs to change, be done, planned for, whatever it is that you want to have impact on in your life.  So, the first part of the decision this week in achieving clarity and life in balance is MAKE A DECISION.

DETERMINATION.  Then, after you have decided what is important to you to do, for yourself, for your family for whatever reason it is important, you first find and develop determination.  When I think about determination, I think about not letting ANYTHING stand in your way of what you want to accomplish.  You develop and maintain focus on a vision of what you want to achieve and you are committed to it 110% everyday.

DESIRE.  Second, is desire.  For me, desire is the fuel that keeps the engine running for the journey toward the goal.  When you have that strong desire, you remain focused on it and you even tell people about your vision because you see it real and you want them to see it real too.  This is positive reinforcement to help you take that subconscious desire and try to materialize it to make it more real everyday.

DEDICATION.  Third is dedication.  This one is simple.  Well, not really or more people would do it.  Dedication is not quitting on whatever it is you what to accomplish or change.  Dedication is reaching deep into your soul and making sure your vision lives in your life daily, so you do not become side tracked by other people or things that can cause you to not accomplish what you desire.

DISCIPLINE.  Finally, is discipline.  Discipline is the rudder on the ship.  Discipline is effort implemented daily so you will see tangible results toward the success you want to achieve.

Put them all together and you have the decision, determination, desire, dedication and discipline.  Together, they can help can make anything possible.  So DECIDE what is important enough to you that you are willing to put the 4D's to work for you.  Get focused on at least one important issue which can have impact on your life and help you have more clarity of what you hope to accomplish.  The 4D's can then help you to create a clearer roadmap for what you want to have happen.

If you have specific topics you would like to hear discussed in the blog, just let me know.  Thanks for the feedback I have been receiving from some of my readers.


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